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What to do in Havana

1. Be inspired in Old Havana Starting with the heart of Havana, Old Havana is the largest colonial center in Latin America. Stroll down the walkable streets and admire the fascinating architecture. Gaze upon historic buildings, churches, galleries, museums, and … Read More

Amazing Havana Must See Top 10

Havana is a city with hidden oases tucked into its urban heart. … Read More

Joerg Alexanders Photo Masterclass

Join the Joerg Alexanders Photo Masterclass for a 7 days, he shares his expertise during a Masterclass, the first Masterclass in Havana. A unique experience that will cover the entire emotional and artistic process, the search of location, the writing of a photographic conception, the staging of a narration. … Read More

Essential Havana Tips

12 Things To Do In Havana  1 Old Havana 2 Taller Experiemental de Grafica 3 Hotel Nacional de Cuba 4 Havana Club Rum Museum 5 Fusterlandia 6 Callejon de Hamel 7 Buena Vista Social Club (Legendarios Del Guajarito) 8 Vintage … Read More

Santeria rituals at Havana Rainforest

The Santeria church of the Orisha uses this ritual as a catharsis of negative energies and disturbances. They also use egg cleansing, spiritual baths, and sarayeye which is a ceremonial cleansing that uses bundled herbs or the rubbing of a feathered animal over a person’s body. … Read More

Planning Your Workshop

Our 7-day Havana Photo Workshop includes street, urban landscape, portrait and cultural photography. Cuba, a tropical paradise with a rich history, offers us a unique view of a world few could see. Photographing Cuba gives us the rare opportunity to … Read More