Our 7-day Havana Photo Workshop includes street, urban landscape, portrait and cultural photography.

Cuba, a tropical paradise with a rich history, offers us a unique view of a world few could see. Photographing Cuba gives us the rare opportunity to capture its warm people alongside its natural beauty and breathtaking architecture. Relaxed Caribbean island culture paired with the big city life of Havana, where vintage cars from the 40s and 50s pass you by, on Havana’s Malecon.

Jörg Alexanders  takes you behind the scenes of Cuba’s tourist veil and takes you into the inner city culture of true Cuba. By working together with locals, Jörg Alexander is able to achieve this on an unprecedented level. Besides photography we will talk to Cubans about the daily life on the island, get to know the unique political and economic system of the country and work side by side with Cuban photographers. Old Havana and Vinales Valley are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We are a small group of 4-8 people. We live in beautiful and authentic Casa Particulars (Cuban Bed & Breakfasts). We travel in air-conditioned vehicles and beautifully restored vintage cars. We dine in authentic hidden jewel paladars. And finally, Jörg Alexander not only offers you a truly amazing and authentic Cuba, but also the most photogenic Cuba.

This workshop will not only lead you to the most photogenic places, carefully planned for the best light, but will also help you to mentally visualize a scene before you capture the crucial moment. Jörg Alexnader’s goal is to sharpen your awareness and stimulate your creativity so that you not only go home with pictures you can be proud of, but use your newly found skills to improve and expand your photographic technique in general. You will learn how to turn an ordinary picture into an extraordinary one by using your own creativity.

In addition, you will learn how to measure the landscape, use and approach your environment, photograph people at home in the region, and the cultural considerations and challenges of photographing in a foreign country. Our time together will include individual and group discussions, inspiring ideas and lots of fun. Cuba offers more photo opportunities than any other adventure we offer. Cuba is not to be missed!

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