Photo Adventure

Impala 59

IMPALA 59 Photo Adventure Photo Tour 2 – 4 per Car 5 Hours Impala 59 The photo tour we be focused around a wonderful restored classic Impala from 1959. You will visit the many wonderful sights and most interesting places … Read More

Palaces & Ruines

Palaces & Ruines Photo Adventure Photo Tour & Walk 2 – 4 per Car 4 Hours Places & Ruines There is no city in the world so rich in hidden beauty. Every quarter seems to be marked by historical landmarks. … Read More

Havana Buena Vista

HAVANA BUENA VISTA Photo Adventure Photo Tour 2 – 4 per Car 2 Hours Highlights of Havana With its nostalgic architecture, vibrant culture, and colourful people, Havana has an undeniable allure, and provides a dream setting for photography. Since we … Read More